Welcome to Good Hope Hunting Safaris

Your journey to Good Hope Hunting Safaris starts with your arrival in Namibia at the Hosea Kutako International Airport situated 46.3 km from Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. Hunters will be transported from the airport to Windhoek after which we continue with our journey to the Hardap Region, in southern Namibia. 

Your expedition into the scenic landscape of Namibia continues past Rehoboth to Good Hope Lodge and your truly unforgettable Namibian safari.

Best time too hunt is between April and August, but trophy hunting in Namibia commences on 01 February until 31 November each year. 

Additional information 
Good Hope Hunting Safaris is owned by the Izaks family who are passionate hunters with years of hunting experience and a vast knowledge of the game encountered on the safaris. In their quest to provide quality trophies they will accompany the hunter all the time to ensure we find the animal you are looking for. 

Our 17,000 acres of land had no wildlife when we acquired it 1984, as it was predominantly used for agriculture. In 1987 we re-introduced our first wildlife species, the Oryx, back into the area. 

It took us several years of investigative environmental impact studies, to make sure we introduce wildlife species that can adapt to the environment and flourish. Over the next few decades we slowly introduced one specie at a time, monitoring their behaviour and tracking them to see how the herd ieais adapting and to determine their well-beingdoing and if they are healthy, before considering introducing the the  next specie. 

Due to the vast area in which these animals roam it was necessary to introduce more natural waterholes, to reduce overgrazing and create a natural habitat for our wildlife.