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GoodHope Hunting Safaris

If your dream is to hunt in Namibia, you've come to the right place.

GoodHope Hunting Safaris is run by the Izaks family, who are Namibians by birth and are all passionate hunters, farmers and conservationists.

GoodHope Hunting Safaris offers a large selection of species specific to our area, where we make sure you get the trophy you are looking for.

At the end of your hunt you can relax and indulge in traditional southern Namibian cuisine. You can socialize in our spectacular thatched-roof banquet space and enjoy the beauty that nature offers under the star studded Namibian sky next to our inviting fire pit. This is the time to discuss your perfect hunt and prepare for your next trophy.

We welcome any nature lover, hunter and adventurous traveler to experience this unforgettable terrain and majestic animals. Visitors can also see rock paintings and participate in a number of activities on offer. Come and experience Namibian hospitality in an environment that promises to mesmerize.

A truly Namibian experience... never to be forgotten!

GoodHope Hunting Safaris is situated in central west Namibia, south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The journey begins in the surrounding area of Schlip. This uniqe encounter guarantees a genuine Namibian bushveld experience.

Amid the fauna and flora of this savannah terrain lies the picturesque GoodHope.

We offer an unforgettable experience.